Wednesday, 5 June 2013

10- Halos Slipping

While the Melbourne football media are all over the Melbourne FC situation, the challenges for the MFC board, and the whole 'Wheel of Coaches' that is the main options to replace the currently un-sacked Mark Neeld (and a big "hello to 774 3LO / ABC Melbourne), there are other clubs on the slide.

One of those is St Kilda, who this week lost to North Melbourne (after a losing the previous 2 weeks to the Western Bulldogs and Adelaide) after a massive first quarter by the Roos.
Using our data, this gives then the biggest ratings drop of the week, the fourth weekly biggest drop for the Saints, and the third biggest ratings drop of the season (-36 points).

Of course, they have an ageing list, a new coach, and 'list issues' as well (i.e. stock of players per ground position). These are nowhere near as big as the issues facing the Dees, but could we be seeing the end of the Saints era, and the beginning of the club sliding into a re-build crisis?

This weekends tipping had a pattern to it.
... Kinda.

The predicted blow-out games went close to the predicted margins...

Carlton tipped by 90, win by 94.
Geelong tipped by 66, win by 52.
Hawthorn tipped by 90, win by 95. 
The close games went close... but against the tip...
Tip Adelaide by 7, Fremantle win instead by 7.
Tip Port Adelaide by 4, Western Bulldogs win instead by 9.
And the regulation wins also went to plan...
Tip Collingwood by 22, win by 49
Tip Sydney by 22, win by 44
And then came North Melbourne's big win, and Richmond blowing the predicted Eagles margin to the scheißhaus, and go completely against type.

Only a few minor table changes as per above. What is notable is the activity at the foot of the table, where the Suns are closing in on their near meighbours the Lions. We may be a week or three away from seeing the Lions ranked as the second best team in Queensland.

PS: Monday Night Footy is complete scheißhaus... it delays a proper weekend review, stuffs up the regular football followers patterns and screws with regular football TV schedules. We hate it!

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