Thursday, 27 June 2013

14- Spilled, Spun

A week of spills, both political and football.
The second was quite candid, and eventually retorted by the club officials. Why did it take so long to clarify Jobe's comments? Must be a looong spin cycle at Windy Hill.

But we have said more than enough on both issues on twitter, so we will spare you from more in this post, other than this comment about Essendon from Richard Hinds.

Its also an early start to the football this week, so lets rush this tipping post out with as little extra comment as possible.

Another week of wondering where the excitement of a close game may come from.

Four games tipped this week to be within 3 goals as the closest. Which is interesting.

Can Hawthorn really defeat Brisbane by 11 goals?
Are North Melbourne both a) able to bounce back from last week and b) able to put our tipped 15 goal margin past the GWS?


Hawthorn are the 2nd worst performed side over the last 5 games. Only just, but there it is. Slightly worse than Melbourne. Some small ray of hope for Dees fans.

At the other end of the spectrum, the same can be said of the Tigers. 2nd best performed team of the last 5 matches, but only just ahead of Sydney and Fremantle

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