Friday, 5 July 2013

15- [Preamble Redacted]

We did write a huge preamble to this blog post, based on the Essendon announcements of last night.
On second thoughts though, those comments have been removed. We might turn that it a possible post later in the weekend.

Or maybe not at all.

You know... cant say anything until after the investigation and all that.

A few close ones this week... three by margins around the 1 goal mark, with Collingwood tipped by 5, Adelaide tipped by 6 and Richmond by 7.

Add to that another game around the 2 goal margin (Hawks by 12) and another by 3 goals (Lions by 18), and this week is one of the closest for a while. Our data suggests this is the closest (full) round of football since Round 7.

As mentioned after last weeks round (and over at Troy Wheatley's blog), St Kilda over the last 5 weeks are the worst performed, while Richmond are now the best performed.
If you look for upsets this week, the Suns might get over the Lions as they are running better than them right now, and the same situation exists for the Power and the Bombers.
More likely that the Suns will be the upset of the week over the Power though. That said, the Power are the biggest improver over the last 3 weeks, nudging ahead of Richmond.

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  1. Looks like while we both have Richmond and St. Kilda as the best and worst performed teams of the past five weeks, the ordering between those two teams is different. Which may be kind of good, at least for me - it means I'm providing slightly different information to the Mezzoculo Index. Having said that, I'll remember to give a shout out to it this week!