Friday, 19 July 2013

17- Innuendo, Rhetoric, Half Truths

None of that stuff here. *

Anything "factually incorrect", or "just factually wrong" is not allowed.
Certain members of the FootyMaths Institiute have already been warned, so we wont be "giving a running commentary on the investigation" by ASADA.

We understand that there have been "significant chunks of evidence gathered by ASADA and the AFL", but until such a time as the full investigation is complete, and the Moon transits though Venus, we make no futher comment.
We cling with "blind faith" to the current process, and if any comments damaging to the club are made, then we think "the right thing ... is to step down".

Of course, we reserve the right to talk up our case while telling everyone else to keep shtum. Thats fair, right?


* None of the above should be considered serious

A weekend of close ones!

North and Carlton only separated by 1 point (0.065 points is our predicted margin), Sydney away by 3 points, Richmond at home by a goal and Geelong away by 7!
A tough week on the tips!

Still our recent form leader is Port Adelaide, but Brisbane are just a fraction behind, and have been on a bit of a revival with seven weeks of positive form.
At the other end of the spectrum, St Kilda maintain their position as a team on the wane, with a 9th consecutive week rated as the worst form team of the previous 5 weeks.

Of interest too, is that Melbourne are strongly into positive territory (+26), after breaking through for the first time last week. They had been negative all season until these last two weeks.

For upsets, we have tipped St Kilda over Port Adelaide (as above), but the form ratings here suggest Port will counter that tip... and we fully expect to be wrong on that one.
The Suns might also push Collingwood to a closer margin than tipped as they carry better form into that clash.
All other games should be around what was tipped.

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