Friday, 26 July 2013

18- Pretty Deceptive, Very Misleading

No, not another post about the Essendon* Supplements Scandal.

Travelling this week, so we can still post live* updates if and when needed.

In the meantime... try a chip, bro!

* This post was recorded live in front of a studio audience.

No close ones this week. Not a cracker tipped to be under a three goal margin.
Marketers dream. 

The second last Index of the year looks a bit like this.

Hunting out some upsets...
Likely upset.
- Essendon have form leading into this Friday's game, while the Hawks are down. 

Outside chance.
- Melbourne are running well enough to be our second best form team. Might pick off the Roos.
- Bulldogs just shade the Eagles on recent form... very, very outside chance.
- Richmond also hold a narrow form advantage over Sydney... again a very slim chance.


  1. Melbourne aren't really the second best form team though, are they? - they're just the second most improved. That is, they're still really bad, but have stepped up from being really, really bad?

    1. Yes, that is more the reality... performing better than expected, therefore improved. 'Form' used in that context... need to find a better descriptor.