Friday, 2 August 2013

19- Truthiness

As mentioned earlier in the week, the Essendon / ASADA Affair has so many twists and turns that it is getting really hard for amateur bloggers, writers and thinkers to keep up. We are clearly in the 'amateur thinker camp'

Today, there are reports that a key protagonist might try to block the ASADA report from becoming public knowledge.
This is the same person who has been calling for everyone to stop speculating as "the truth will come out" over what transpired. Or to use the another quote "We've all given our version of what happened, or the truth, to ASADA" [our emphasis].

So confusing to the casual observer.
Let's assume the 'truthiness' of the report is paramount... hey, can anyone get Stephen Colbert to fact check the ASADA report for truthiness?

And yesterday, we read the blog post titled "Who's got the Dank Touch?" over at the 'footycardbaulk' blog, and thought it was a well considered piece.

Please click on the link and read further, but below we have lifted an extract which we think sums up one of the key tenets of the failure.
"Personally, I applaud Essendon for trying to run a supplement program at the "cutting edge" of sports science. I have no problem with clubs using everything they legally can to put their players in the best position to perform at their peak. It's a logical part of the evolution of professional football. Where Essendon appear to have failed is in their governance of the program.
By all means, run a program, but the responsibility is on you to ensure that your program is run properly. Rogue elements? Your fault. Misinformed employees? Your fault. Everything's gone wrong and ASADA are knocking at the door and the players are facing suspensions and "good people" are "suffering"? Your fault."

So much for "all correspondence via twitter".
We all await "the truth" or "our version of what happened".

(thanks Ben!)

While it seems the bookies have all the money on the GWS to notch their first win, we see a win to Melbourne, but only just. The closest game this week we tip as Melbourne by 5 points.

Also we have gone for Carlton to win at home by 5 points... but that results caused a few valves to blow as dear old Bessie (to Institute's super-computer) laughed and laughed at the prospect.

We also have the Pies to win by just over a goal to round out the close games this weekend.

Oh yes... and no games tipped to be over 8 goal margins... no blow-outs!

Getting near the end of the season, and only a few more Index's to go.

Worth noting, this is Collingwood's smallest bubble all year! That is...the likelyhood of winning the next three ganes, where BIG = huge chance, SMALL = no chance.
Equally, it is Melbourne's largest all year, and they are also more likely to win one of the next three than the Pies.

Picking upsets:
-  Richmond a slender chance to defeat Hawthorn - very slender.
- The Gold Coast, who are on their longest road trip, are a chance to knock off the Eagles... quite a good chance!

Scaping Goats:
- Port look much better on recent form than our tips suggests... we expect to be entirely wrong on that tip. We still undervalue the Power this season.
- Again, we have tipped the Pies based on their long-term form. Recent form says i'ts a Bombres win. Could go either way.

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  1. I've been bullheaded about my rankings, and tipped Adelaide and Collingwood as well. Also, for the reason that the Showdowns and Pies-Bombers matches often seem to be 1-1 over the year.