Friday, 9 August 2013

20- The Overlooked Question

What was the intent of the action that has lead us to this point?

And what can 'intent' lead too? The Wade Lees* case is an interesting example.
Read these articles on Wade and his 18 month ban for importing, but never even receiving (let alone using) a product that contained a banned substance that he was unaware of.
Herald Sun:
VFL player Wade Lees cops 18-month ban for importing performance-enhancing drugs
ASADA decides against appeal on VFL player
The Age
 History shows it doesn't bode well
* Note: we make no inference that Wade Lees intended to use performance enhancing drugs. He did intend to use a supplement, and he was unaware it contained a banned substance. We use the word 'intent' to indicate that the act of sourcing a banned substance is in itself a breach of the WADA code.

So... in terms of the intent at Essendon, the question must be asked...

And this question leads us into the situation the AFL now faces itself with. This is covered well by Kate Smart at 'The Roar'.
AFL is at the precipice of a doping culture
Will the AFL have the moral courage to put the dollar signs to one side and send a clear and powerful message to those who wish to pump young men full of untested substances, that these sorts of actions and this culture has no place in our code?
Because the frightening thing in all of this is not just what was injected, but the cultural belief that it is okay to do this to young men who put their faith in the club that they are rightly proud to play for.

Hopefully, the answer to the 'Overlooked Question' will be uncovered by ASADA when all of this crazyness is over.
And hopefully the AFL take a tough stand against PEDs, either in this case, or going forward with its own rules and codes.

It is another 'moment' for the AFL. Another 'moment', just like Nicky Winmar's stand against racism. And Jason Ball's stand against homophobia.

This is the 'moment' for the AFL to rid the game of the culture of performance enhancing drugs, phoney sports science, and shady substance use.

Sunday brings the closest game of the week... Adelaide and their home ground advantage to defeat North Melbourne by 4 points.

Otherwise the only other close on is Essendon to defeat the Eagles by 10 points.

Only one blow out, but 5 others tipped to be around 6 goal losses, or worse.
And the margins tipped are the equal second highest of the year (average 39).

Not a good weekend for footy.

The second last Mezzoculo Index for the year, and quite a dynamic one as well.
 - Collingwood have their smallest expectation for wins in the next three games all season.
 - GWS are now our 'best performed' over the last 5 weeks! And narrowly too, edging out North Melbourne by 1 point.

Picking Upsets:
Brisbane look a chance to defeat Richmond, only slim though.
A similar story for the Bulldogs over Carlton.

Scaping Goats:
We expect to be wrong on the Adelaide tip... North have played well and will be a real big show to win again.

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