Friday, 16 August 2013

21- Finally Footscray

This weeks tip post with all the numbers..

Much more written for the pre-amble this week, but it had become co big that I have extracted it for another post later...
      "The Victorian Disease", coming soon.

Also, after we talked of the Dogs rising again, it is great to welcome 'Footscray' back to football.

Another two close ones this weekend, if you consider under 1 and a half goals as close.

Is it possible that Carlton can keep firing and get with 8 of Richmond?
And is the Eagles home ground advantage going to get them close to Geelong? Normally, 'Paterson's Curse' is where the Eagles score more free kicks to win at home, but this season at home they are 3 wins / 6 losses.

Three other games look interesting...
Hawthorn and Collingwood - with the 2013 Premiers-elect a 2 goal tip (but see the Mezzoculo Index on that),
The Crows get a 16 poijt margin tipped, but again, the Mezzoculo gives us other clues), and
We have North winning by 15 points, but the way the Bombers have blown up, this could be a nasty outcome for them.

Otherwise a ten goal margin for Fremantle, and a near 10 goal margin for Sydney are the blow-outs ready to blow.

The final Mezzoculo Index for the year!
Sorry Mezz fans, but the Index looks three games into future, and after this round there is no known third game.

As we posted last night, the Dogs are on the rise, and they are this weeks best performed team of the last 5 rounds.
Essendon, under all the stress of the investigation, and (lets face it) their now regular late season fade out (remember 2012?) are now challenging the Saints for poor performance. The Bombers past 5 games has netted them a -87 rating, compared to the Saints now at -98 over the last 5 weeks.

Picking Upsets
We have tipped the Hawks, but the Pies are a big chance... our 13 point tip is not a bridge too far.

Scaping Goats
The Doggies are flying at the minute, while Adelaide are in negative territory. Again, the 16 point margin could be something the Dogs can overcome. Big chance!

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