Friday, 23 August 2013

22- Ess Crash Investigation

Just for the record... the AFL charges against Essendon [PDF].

A powerful statement of some of the activity that went on at Essendon, and so many places where paths could have changed, and the road to supplements could have been terminated.
And you can bet your bottom dollar that these were not pulled from thin air, and there is evidence to back them up. Texts, emails, letters, receipts. There will be a trail.

And much like one of those 'Discovery Channel' / 'Nat Geo' shows like 'Seconds from Disaster' , reading through the charges (The Charges, apparently, according to legal docs), there were so many points and junctions where this crash and burn of a great Australian brand could have been arrested.

Such as after Ms Lalor said...
"there was no meaningful proof of  beneficial effects, no data on the side effects/long term use of Lactaway in elite athletes"
Or when...
"Corcoran emailed a reply to Hird stating “Jim – unfortunately they know everything and can’t learn any more! Time to move on! ...” "
Or when the normal employment practices were controverted and...
"Robinson was employed by the Club as its High Performance Coach. His mandate at the Club included the formulation and implementation of a program relating to the administration of supplements to its players"
Or when...
"Thompson pushed very strongly for the appointment of Robinson, notwithstanding the fact that Thompson knew or believed that there were significant concerns about the manner in which Robinson had conducted himself."
Or again when employment practices were bypassed and...
"Dank was interviewed for the position of Sports Scientist at the Club by Hird, Robinson, Corcoran, Thompson and Hamilton. ...
Dank was offered the role, commencing on 4 November 2011. ... Little, if any, consideration was given to his outside business interests and the conflicts that may thereby arise"

... and you could go on, and on.

So many occasions where this nonsense could have been stopped.
The most well publicized already are the 'Reid letter' and the 'Thompson instruction to stop' that were ignored.
The real question is why were these opportunites to stop, step back and review what was going on, not taken.
Is Caroline Wilson right that it came down to the individuals' competitive spirit?

Such a sorry tale of poor governance.

No real close ones tipped... two games under two goals only.

Blow outs on the cards for Melbourne, and the GWS.

No Mezzoculo Index from now on, but we can still try...

Picking Upsets:
North might be a show against the Hawks... the Roos bring great recent form.
Western Bulldogs have a nice upset chance of the Lions.

Scaping Goats:
Suns also a good chance to defeat St Kilda at Docklands, and we probably should have tipped them. Saints still have a high hangover of rank points. The home ground advantage also helps.

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