Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Finals 4- Grand Final 2013: Hawkshank Redocktion

An interesting set of scenarios for this weekend...

By defeating Geelong in a come from behind classic, have Hawthorn already played their Grand Final?

Or has it toughened them up for the biggest day of the year?

Has the lighter Fremantle lead-in game freshened the Dockers up for the biggest game in the club's history?

Or had the opposite effect of weakening their mental readiness?

Tossing aside the emotional element, we let our numbers do the determinations.

[But first, an aside of a different kind... Rohan Connolly's comments about sentimental favorites are interesting, since we don't think he actually mounts a case for sentiment towards Hawthorn.

Really, there should be no sentimentality attached to Hawthorn... there had been more than enough success at Glenferrie over the last 5 decades.

One more point... That "41 point aberration to Richmond" follows a 10 goal 2012 'aberration' by Hawthorn against the Tigers.
Once is an aberration. Twice might be coincidence.  Once more and it becomes a pattern.

And speaking of patterns, have we noticed a genteel underestimation of Richmond by Rohan recently? Might save that for a post season analysis post].


Hawthorn by  9 pts.

* And as before... purely an estimation... calculations to be completed officially in October and blog posts updated then.


  1. Hawks by 23. Close all day but blows out in red time as dockers realise the dream is over