Thursday, 5 September 2013

The Grand Pair

Last year, in our first season of blogging, we thought it a worthwhile exercise to examine the top 8 teams and how they fared only amongst themselves.

The table at right shows how the teams tallied up in 2012.
Revisiting this, we can see the 2011 Premiers had the best head to head record, and the 2012 runners up the second best record.

Worth also noting the match ratio data, where the top 4 teams in the table only had 0.63 or 0.60.

If we look at this same determinant for 2013, the table at right is produced.

Using the logic from 2012, it is likely under the Grand Finalists will be Geelong and Hawthorn.

Again, looking at the match ratio data, these two teams are head and shoulders above the rest.

At the other end of the spectrum, Sydney(!), Carlton and Port Adelaide have unimpressive head-to-head records, and you would wonder what impact they will have in the next 4 weeks.
Again, the lesson from 2012 is that they wont last long, as last year Geelong and North Melbourne went out in the first week, and Fremantle were out in the second week.

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