Thursday, 27 March 2014

2. Another Unintended Distraction

A full weekend (if you include Thursday as 'the weekend') of footy returns, and yea, the public is happy again.
And hopefully this weekend also saw off the last 'Hird distraction' for a while too.
As Paul Little said yesterday, the Hird's said it was an "unintended distraction"... which is entirely believable, as NO ONE ever invites the '7:30' program int their house on purpose... Nup, never.


No surprises that the two most anticipated games are the closest - Tigers by 9, Power by 7 in Showdown XXXVIII (or something like that).

The  other key question of the round is... after the big Suns / Giants wins last week (or fortnight!), can they do better than we predict? Or even win?

The chart this week looks like this...

Upsets and Scaping Goats
Based on that chart, we see opprtunities against the tip as
- Collingwood might get over the Swans as the Swans have the lowest form level coming in.
- Brisbane an outside chance over Geelong.
- Melbourne might get a lot closer to the Eagles than we expect.

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