Thursday, 17 April 2014

5. Easter Certainties

All the weekends tips here, but first, the certainties...

Topic du jour at this time of year, as always, is 'Footy on Good Friday'. Which means, when eventually footy is played on Good Friday, you will have;
 - people complaining about 'footy all the time' and that we 'need a break from footy'.
 - people decrying that the particular holy-day-for-some should be free from such commercial enterprise, yet happily using all the commercially available services that some poor folk have to work to provide... you know, gas, water, electricity etc. 
 - people complaining about 'footy on the most holy of days' for some folk, yet caring not a Flying Nun when it is played on holy days of other folk.
 - people arguing about disrupting and distracting from fundraising activities that are now borderline corporate.
 - people arguing about who should or should not play on the day, before eventually is is co-opted by two of the biggest Melbourne clubs, with detractors howled down as un-Australian ... or some poop [see: regular Anzac Snorefest].
See if Sportsbet or those other parasites will frame a market on all of these turning up.


All close, all Easter.
6 games under 3 goals, with four tipped for 2 goals or less.
Good luck with your tipping!

Port again nearly off the top of the page... flying for form now.

Scaping Goats on the tips...
-Port to go against the tip, as to the Bulldogs to upset Carlton.
- Brisbane could upset Richmond, GWS to do better than out tipped 61 point loss, Suns could do better against Melbourne.

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