Thursday, 24 April 2014

6. Its Been Done

We love a good stat at the Institute...
... and sure enough, Port are second. Anyone pick them for lofty heights at the season start?

Other games this weekend focused around Anzac Day... everyone else has ideas and commentary around that. So did we.
No need to rake over those coals again.

The close one this week is one we don't feel comfortable in tipping - Brisbane by 2 over St Kilda!
Does this make us the only tipsters backing the Lions?

No blow-outs predicted, but Sydney over Melbourne and Gold Coast over GWS are 53 point margins each of two.

Port continue to fly off the top of the form index, and somehow GWS are second.

The above index confirms our worries about Brisbane - in negative territory form wise, so St Kilda 'should' win this.
GWS's high form index comes from them performing better than we rate them on every occasion this year excluding last week. All improvements have been +23 pt jumps, minimum. The may not beat the Suns, but the 53 point margin will be tough for the Suns to achieve.
Port Adelaide might also squeak past Geelong as well. It is hard to argue with that highly positioned bubble!

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