Thursday, 8 May 2014

8. Outrage Lotto

No time this week for analysis other than to say...
The bump is dead.
Bumping people should be outlawed.
The game is too fast.
Congestion is killing footy.
The umpiring is a joke.
The umpiring this year is better.
The MRP system is too much of a lottery.
The MRP is bound by too many rigid protocols.
The food is too expensive.
I cant let my kids eat food from home when others are eating bought food
Memberships numbers are up again.
Ticket prices are too expensive.
Without good players the new clubs will struggle.
The AFL has given the new clubs too many high draft picks.
Bring back State of Origin footy.
No meaningless representative games please.
Massive blow-outs are killing interest in footy.
Kids should play scored games, even if they are one-sided affairs.

In summary...

...may as well wind up the blog.

Or start my own 'Association' for supporters.

Or get a job as a Hun reporter, who specialize on cobbling tweets together and calling it 'news'.

Or it is all an AFL ruse to get us talking football-related matters without noticing HOW CRAP the next 3 weeks of 6 games a week footy is?

That's right - here is your lot this week. Enjoy its brevity!

Even better try some local footy action instead.
- A full Saturday of Tasmanian State League action.
- Saturday or Sunday with the SANFL.
- Round 8 of WAFL footy (with a bye to South Fremantle).
- All the NEAFL action from all teams (except the Gold Coast Suns reserves and Redland on byes).
For Victorians, the VFL has gone out in sympathy with the AFL. Only 3 games this weekend.

Is there something on in Melbourne this weekend that the AFL HQ bigwigs need to be at, other than footy? Any one or any relative from HQ getting married?

Six games, twelve bubbles.
To 'scape our tipping goats', Melbourne, by the Index above, could win over the Bulldogs.

The Saints and the Giants might do better than we tipped too.

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