Thursday, 15 May 2014

9. 62 plus 522

A short gap between footy is no fun.
And it is worse when it is clouded by the death of a man who was a significant figure in the footballing world for generations of our formative football lives.
Involved at four clubs and in the media from the 60's, there cannot be too many of us that don't know of Tom Hafey, and haven't been touched indirectly by him or his legacy.

We wont write much more about a man we barely knew, but instead will direct you to read and hear the thoughts of others.

Greg Baum
Kevin Bartlett on SEN 1116
Rohan Connolly
Patrick Smith at The Australian and on SEN 1116
Rhett Bartlett
The Richmond Football Club

(Due to time constraints, more will be added later)

Three close games tipped for this short weekend.

Melbourne leading the pack on the firm scale this week.
Suns the most likely to cause an upset, and Geelong and Melbourne to be better than we tipped.

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