Tuesday, 20 May 2014

9. Still So Far To Go

We are approaching May 24th 2014. On that day it will be one year since this.

During the weekend, watching the Essendon v Sydney game, booing of Adam Goodes was heard. Our initial thoughts were that fans were upset with his 'simulation' from the week before (A footballing event that Robbo commented about on SEN in disparaging terms, and which was promptly used by that station in its promos all week).

But equally, in the back of our mind on Friday night, was the thought it could sadly have had racist undertones.
Reading the BigFooty board later that night, brought forward this, as we tweeted that night.

Of course - you cant trust everything on BigFooty, nor can you extend one or two fans' attitude to the whole of the stadium. But it did leave us wondering what happened.

Thankfully the Essendon Football Club undertook its own investigation to weed out at least one culprit, as per the press release issued today.

It is pretty sad that the club that most closely links itself with the indigenous community (the Long walk, Dreamtime at the G, and other indigenous programs), and has had such lauded indigenous players in its recent history, can still have some members who have little empathy or respect for them.

Both Melbourne papers reported this today, and also report of a similar incident of a Western Bulldogs member who also vilified Melbourne's Neville Jetta.

With it nearly one year from the Collingwood-Goodes vilification, and 21 years since the Winmar stand, the last two weekends mean we have so much more to do, and many more steps to go down the road to true reconciliation.

Three from six... how dare Adelaide and Melbourne to go against the tip!!! That said, the Mezzoculo Index  did show Melbourne (and the Suns to a lesser degree) as having better form on the way into those matches.

Port dont play and become the 4th ranked team solely on the back of the Pies failing to win in Adelaide.

The Crows win and Richmond's loss sees those two teams come closer together... Adelaide knocking on the door to the best 8.

We still don't rate Essendon highly, as they stay in 11th and drop 18 points losing to Sydney by much more than expected. A bye next week, while Carlton play, could see them move to 12th.

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