Friday, 6 June 2014

12. Captain, and the Captain

In a way, you could boil down the event that is put on by the 'Presentation Night' crew into a few crude categories.
For example, you could say it was either
...a 'hipster' version of a football clubs' Sportsman's Night,
...or it was a footballing equivalent of 'RockWiz'.

But to do that would be a dis-service, because it is neither.

I was an evening that mixed rock and roll with footy, with stories about life before and after careers, and the affections of family and fans.

Francis Leach, polished meedjya performer that he is, hosted well and posed questions to draw out the stories from the guests. He also provided a handy foil and a fast enough wit to riff with them as they opened up.

Paul Dempsey of the band 'Something For Kate' told a few tales of life as a musician, but, for our ears, was perhaps a bit too reserved. Or is the life of a rock musician these days less wild and more 'corporate'?  One thing is for sure, 20 years and 17 ARIA nominations speaks volumes for his talent.

His songs on the night were outstanding, and highlighted his skills brilliantly. The acoustic version of Springsteen's 'Born To Run' was significantly more power-rock than a laid back 'MTV unplugged' style. All power, all one-man-with-a-guitar.

The 'Mayor of Geelong', Cameron Ling was also a guest that night, and is an incredibly like-able bloke; affable, with a self deprecating sense of humour. With all that, you could also sense the winners' desire existent underneath. His stories were the spoken-word highlight of the night, and the tale of Brad Ottens and Danny Frawley was hilarious and almost the standout of the night.

We also loved his stories from junior days; the Ireland trip, and being seen by Chris Scott... as a Hawk!!
And who knew football could 'hold back' people! Cameron told us of Tim Callan who "was destined for bigger and better things... We will all be working for him one day!" was the quote.

Highlight of the night though was the 'last minute' change of closing song to round out the night. Another brilliantly rendered acoustic version of an Angels classic as a tribute to the late Doc Neeson.
And some wonderful person put a slice of it up on youtube already!!

Thanks guys for the show and tickets*, thanks also to Dugald for your company and conversation.

Vale Doc, and well played Presentation Night #3.

* Disclosure - The FootyMaths Institute received complimentary tickets to attend, for which we are grateful. That said, we were going to go and cough up the cash anyway, so thanks team from 'Presentation Night'!
It also does not colour this potted review... so there!

[For more on the night try this piece from the Presentation Night blog, and also this based on the second Presentation Night, by Dugald Jellie (wedged away in the middle somewhere).]

As much fun as Wednesday night was, we predict no fun this round.
All the games have reasonably big margins tipped. The only close prediction, North Melbourne by 2 goals over Richmond.

By our figures, we see this round as the second most lopsided since round 7, just pipping the seasons opening round.
Games from Round 7 - for comparison

Average predicted margin is +35 points, and using our index numbers the nett differential between teams is also the second highest.

Which means it should be an easy week for tipsters... but then again this season is an odd one.

As always, here is the form indicator and short term predictor.
And for the second week in a row, it is Melbourne bringing in the best form to the round, with Sydney and Gold Coast also playing well.
St Kilda threaten to fall  of the page at the other end of the scale.

So to scape our tipping goats... the above tells us that...
- Carlton might get a tad closer than our tip.
- Port may even defeat St Kilda by more than our 10 goal tip.
- The Gold Coast vs Sydney match should be getting 'match of the round' status.
- Melbourne to do better than the 10 goal loss we predict.
North Melbourne to win by more than 2 goals.

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  1. I had something else on for that Presentation Night, otherwise I would have liked to go along. Maybe next time.