Thursday, 12 June 2014

13. Adjusting The Clock

We are (foolishly) having a go at World Cup tips...

But back to Australian 'fuudball'.
Apparently the long awaited action from ASADA has either happened, or will sometime soon.
ASADA hits Dons with show-cause notices 
"A total of 34 notices will be issued to players, querying the use of the peptide thymosin Beta 4. It is understood the notices do not concern the use of the controversial anti-obesity drug AOD-9604."
Something was always going to happen, and the events of today (12 June) have just moved the minute hand closer to midnight.
"I look at the clock on the wall
It says three minutes to midnight
Faith is blind when we're so near"

Football needs this issue resolved. It needs to return to a more pure state.
It needs to remove the stain of drugs, the influence of money, the desperation driven by gullible men who are deceived by blind ambition and snake-oil salesmen, the corrupting influences of gaming.

Football is better than that. Better than all of it.
It has an underlying purity and joy of youngsters running after the leather and kicking it with glee.
"Remember your childhoodRemember the journey"
Its not just "Our Richmond" that needs to be given back to us.
It is football... in it's entirety.

Two close ones this week after the skewed round 12.
North Melbourne by 4 over Adelaide, and Fremantle by 7 over Richmond... probably by coming back from 6 goals down.

Geelong might need a 10 goal win to 'make a statement'.
And we wonder what effect the ASADA actions will have on Essendon. 6 goals? or less?

Melbourne remain as our past form leader, leading Sydney. While St Kilda are also our worst form team again.
The above, compared to our tips, suggests...
Sydney could win by more against Port Adelaide, and Melbourne could do better against Essendon (and even cause an upset).

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