Thursday, 26 June 2014

14. Better Late Than Ever

It gets increasingly hard to do this tipping guff, contribute to debate, provide reasonable reading content, work(!!!), have a life, run the FMITL competition, and blog up some dopey World Cup tips.

Again - its an all content, no filler killer-diller.

Seven from 9 as our run of good form continues.
Margin tipping was excellent this week, missing Sydney by 1 point, Essendon by 4, Hawthorn, West Coast and North Melbourne by 10 points, 'each of three'.

Lots of points changing hands, no positional changes on the table of ranks. Odd, doesn't happen every week.

Carlton remain a disappointment, while GWS and Gold Coast continue to out-perform their pre-season ranks.

Gold Coast are up a nett 140 points (16%), and the GWS up 213 points (48%).
They join Melbourne (213 points / 35%) and Port Adelaide (262 points / 25%) as the seasons big improvers (+10%).

Down the most: Brisbane (-189 points / -20%), Carlton (-134 points / -11.4%), Richmond (-136 points / -11%) and St Kilda (-220 points / -23%).

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