Thursday, 3 July 2014

15. Playing Catch-up

OK, as we were late last week, and time poor leading into this week, we now give you the last in the triumvirate...
Another hastily run through set of tipping results and rankings from Round 15.

We are entirely late on running these results due to the triple threats of work, family and the one time the FMI ventured out to meet @downesy and head off to @LeapingLarryL's 'Trivia Night' at Pure Pop Records.

Fun, frivolity and quizzical questioning was had by all, though not necessarily in that order.

And we got to meet the Leaspter for the third time in about 20 years... Age shall indeed weary us, and the years condemn.

All that said, its a fun night of obscura dressed up as a quiz, all wrapped up in laughs and sniggering... mostly by yours truly the FMI at all the others taking rather too seriously.

And it is worth pointing our that much like when the FMI last ventured out to meet @DugaldJellie for 'Presentation Night 3'... the night of the AFL Hall Of Fame induction, Tuesday 1st of July was also another footballing night, of a sort... the E.J. Whitten Legends match. I can pick-em.

Another solid 7 correct from 9 this week, and some accurate margin estimations as well.

With the GWS gaining the highest points rise for the week, they now move to within 56 points of the Saints. They are on the verge of leaving 18th spot. The next few weeks will tell. Can they breach 17th before the end of the season?

And also this week we have the Suns climbing further again, leaping to 12th and overtaking Carlton. They also reach 1050+ points for the first time.

The new clubs are turning it around.

And isn't it great to see a string of red ink from 1st down to 7th, as all the better ranked teams failed to meet expectations.

We may be seeing a return to some sense of competitive balance - but that is for another blog post.

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