Thursday, 3 July 2014

16. On A Run

In the last two weeks, our tipping performance has maintained a 7 correct average that seems to be dogging us all year.
But as the blog is primarily about tipping margins more than winners, we find strength in these last two weeks that our model is still a good and strong one.

Here is why...

In Round 14, we tipped 7 correct, but tipped the below to within 2 goals of the actual margin.

And in Round 15 we went even better.

So with that type of recent performance we look forward to this round and again trying to better it.

This week sees only 1 close game tipped, wit the Suns set to just miss taking down the Magpies.

Also of note is another weekend of no blowouts predicted. Based as we said after last week, that the lower teams are improving, we have seen only 9 games tipped for blow-outs this year (of a total of 135 games).
Good signs.


The above Index allows us to scape our tipping goats. Wriggle room this week the following tips...

- Expect the Suns to beat Collingwood. They did last year, and look ripe to double up.
- The GWS might beat what ever line is out there in the market.
- Melbourne wont be beaten by 10 goals... lest stab at 5?
- Sydney winning by 2 goals might be conservative. Lets try double that.

Good tipping, but please - NO WAGERING.

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