Wednesday, 16 July 2014

17. Exactly, Burger-Free

Season 2014 has seen us progress so far 'burger free'. That is, without an exact 9 tips correct from 9 that would earn you a free burger if you registered to play at

But we have picked up one exact so far this year, getting the correct margin on the Norh Melbourne v St Kilda game.

Some consolation.


Only the one positional change this week, as Essendon overtake West Coast for 10th spot.

Points wise, Port Adelaide are on the decline as they move close to 5th with North Melbourne likely to replace them.

Also looking likely to slip a spot are Collingwood who are now only 6 points of 8th.

And at the foot of the table, we see GWS poised to overtake St Kilda. Only 4 points keeps the Giants last.

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