Friday, 15 August 2014

21. Three The Hard Way

So we have our three days done and dusted. Now the waiting starts...

And it will really not prove much around the prime story in town. Only that people fiddled around the edges while the lives of young men were left waiting. Like we all are... left waiting.

And scribes who write 'the whole truth may never come out' are just lazy.

Go and find the whole truth... persist.
Seek the truth.
Defy ideologues and icons.

Strike out for the truth.

A cracker of a weekend has once again overshadowed by the selfishness of one at the expense of the many.
Look at this line-up.

Every one of those games means something... not just 4 points, but real meaning.
Spots in the finals.
Position inside the eight.
Pride, respect, trust.

A tweet earlier in the week highlighted the key four match-ups...

The last full Mezzoculo Index for the year.
This is because it attempts to measure possible wins in the next three weeks of footy, and this is the first week of the last 3 weeks.

Carlton are our form leader (wait, let me check the data again...)

Yes, that's right... with, no surprise, the lowest form index number of the season!
They nudge out Adelaide by 2 points.

So, to scape out tipping goats
- Carlton may even defeat Geelong, and Suns also to upset Port?(oh, how we laughed).
- Brisbane will be closer than our 41 point loss.

and as a cheeky... The Dogs might pinch this one from North.

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