Friday, 5 September 2014

24. Begin Again.

As mentioned last week, we dont stop for the finals, and tipping continues for us, as it does for the Monash Uni comp.

So here we are, week 1 of the finals, and to preface this weeks tips, and probably all for the finals...

And our predictor plays out a similar result.


All the higher placed teams are tipped to win over the lower teams.

Form indications (our calculations) suggest if there is to be an upset, it will be Richmond (+26) to defeat Port Adelaide (-7).
* Where a positive number implies good recent form, and a negative poor form.

Equally, the North Melbourne (-16) vs Essendon (+5) match also looks interesting... either a line-ball contest, with the potential for Essendon to win.

The other match-ups run as
     Hawthorn (-3) vs Geelong (+6)
Not enough of a difference to alter our predictions to any great extent.

     Sydney (+2) vs Fremantle (-8)
Reinforcing a Swans win, if anything.

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