Thursday, 25 September 2014

27. Last Call

We have the two best teams as determined by our rankings system, and that most people consider as best in 2014, ready now for the Grand Final.
And with Sydney's great win last week, they earnt enough points to all but tie with Hawthorn in our rankings.

This makes tipping this Grand Final difficult on our calculations.
As a result of the calculations, it is the closest Grand Final we have ever calculated a tip for in the 3 years we have been blogging.

The last time we had such a 'predicted' close Grand Final (by retro-fitting the calculations through the 118 seasons of VFL/AFL football) was for West Coast vs Sydney II, in 2006.
We tipped Sydney to win by 1 point, and the classic rematch went to West Coast, by 1 point.

In terms of one of our key tipping indicators, the below tip is critical for the year.
Our Monash Uni score (as right) would have us sitting on top of the table, 8 points clear.
But a correct tip is 10 points.
If this tip is wrong, and out by shedloads, a (nominal) win of that competition will be squandered.

Saturdays game is a big moment for both teams, fans and sponsors and assorted hangers on. And in our little corner of the mathematical tipping world, its also critical.

PS... Oh yes, and I wont see a minute of the game. An important party in Brisbane beckons.


So that's a one point win to Hawthorn from us.
...and with these two teams 'we might be back here next week' to tip it all again.

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