Tuesday, 23 December 2014

2014 REVIEW: Personal Perspective

The As mentioned earlier in the year, its good to get feedback from readers.
There was nothing better this year than to have heard from a follower of the tips that she was topping her work tipping comp. Such a filip.

Thanks also to Nick from The Grauniad, I mean Guardian, who not only asked for a Grand Final tip, but also ran a bit in the paper. A first bit of media 'publicity' in three years. Not that actively courting, chasing or cultivating the media has been in the plans either. Just plugging away on the blog, and tweeting it up on the twittery thing.

Also its important to recognise and thank the 'brotherhood' of tipping and ranking bloggers. Troy of the Wooden Finger Depot, Tony over at Matter Of Stats and Micheal of WayBeyondRedemption... all of whom offered ideas, challenges and inspiration over the year.
Being pushed by the tippers over at the Monash Uni tipping competition to improve has also been a driver. This years tipping result would have won the Monash Uni competition as well.

Thanks also to all the tweeters I met IRL at such things as AFL footy, VFL footy and other pub or food based things. 
People such as @theholyboot and clan, @dugaldjellie, @harri_chas_17 and his lad, @siandart, @kennyconsider, @AndrewGigacz, @amul82, @vlietman, @bencuzzupe, @rustyjacko, @vinm, @craigunderscore, @stevesmithffx, @terryaustralis and of course @downsey. 

Wonderful also to meet briefly, in passing, and possibly not memorably, @leapinglarryl and @stewfarrell, as well as Greg, Billy and Ian from the @coodabeens. I didn't meet @presentationN but did score a freebie to a show. Thanks kind sir. 
Apologies if I missed anyone...

Finally, thanks to you the readers, responders, tweeters and some-time guest bloggers (including @arwon) for making 2014 the best year of blogging yet.
Hell... I even had Google spin a cool $100 cheque my way... what a money earning venture this blogging caper is!

Best wishes of the season to you all... lets make 2015 better than the shambles globally that was 2014.

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