Thursday, 8 January 2015

ASC 1 - Pools A & B -Game 1

Super excited about the Asian Cup this week?

Cool... lets try tipping the games then, via the patented FMI Shoody&Poor calcualtions.

After a wild, and not well thought through, attempt at tipping the World Cup, its time to wheel the tipping spreadsheet out, dust it off and re-charge it for a crack at the Asian Cup 2015 Australia TM... maybe.

It was a rough attempt last time, based on the pre-World Cup FIFA rankings and applying the model on those figures.
And for the World Cup it was a 65% correct result record. Not brilliant, but not bad either.

So for the Asian Cup, its time for --- dueling rankings! ---

A side by side comparison of the Footy Maths model applied to both the Fifa Rankings and those from

So, the first 4 games under the microscope are.
Based on FIFA RankingsBased on

Note: the above predicts the winner, and the margin (GD).

Lets review performance after these games are complete.

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