Tuesday, 27 January 2015

ASC 9 - Final and 3rd

And now the last two games are upon us...
Here is how the Semi-finals went.

Set 8 of the Asian Cup games are finished, and our tipping return was:

FIFA:   1 correct from 2, No exact margins.
ELO:    1 correct from 2, 1 exact margin.

ELO wins this by virtue of the exact margin, making the score in favour of ELO, and unbeatable now;

FIFA  2 - 4  ELO

Total Score:
FIFA:   18 correct from 30  (60%), 4 exact margins.
ELO:    19 correct from 30  (63%), 8 exact margin

So to the 3rd place game and Asian Cup Final... the tips are (after 90 mins).
Based on FIFA RankingsBased on EloRatings.net

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