Monday, 2 February 2015

ASC 10 - Over & Windout

The Asian Cup has come and gone and it was a great series of football, with games that really meant something, and entertaining play and wonderful support from Australia and the region.

Kudos to those involved and of course to the teams and participating players.

And personally...

And its an idea shared...

So to round out (and windout) the Final and 3rd place game, our tipping return was:

FIFA:   2 correct from 2, 2 exact margins.
ELO:    1 correct from 2, 1 exact margin.

Another point to the FIFA system, but they still go down in a hard fought tussle.

FIFA  3 - 4  ELO

Total Score:
FIFA:   20 correct from 32  (63%), 6 exact margins.
ELO:    20 correct from 32  (63%), 9 exact margin

Overall both systems produced a similar result, and both returned a +60% tipping return.
Could it have been better?
Of course, but its only for a bit of fun, so as little investment in effort was the key.

As to the Champions of Asia, there has been plenty of talk about Australia winning ranked 100th over Korea 68th (or such).
Firstly, the same people derided the rankings pre-Cup saying Australia 'should be better than 100', and are now saying 'wow, 100th ranked to win is a super effort'.
Cant have it both ways guys!

Secondly, Australia may be 100th 'in the world' but they were not playing 'the world', only Asia.
As the table in this post put it, it was really (by FIFA) 10th vs 3rd or (by ELO) 3rd vs 6th.
... In our confederation!

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