Wednesday, 13 May 2015

06. ANY CHANCE...?

...of anyone in a position of power at Essendon being vaguely on top of their craft?

Overnight, WADA announced its intention to appeal the Essendon case to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.
There was always an option for WADA to appeal, irrespective of ASADA declining to appeal. In fact, I would suggest it was a significantly better play by ASADA to pass on appealing and again playing the AFL on its own home ground, to the AFL rules, and with the AFL media "cheer squad" shouting you down at every turn.

Getting it to CAS, an independent arbiter with reduced influence from a provincial sport and is administrators, media and associated 'hangers-on' is the best thing to happen for the sport. One way or another, this mess gets finalised, players get done or released. Simple, clean, effective and final.

For those who suggest ASADA doesnt care about the players, this is your clearest indication yet that they actually do. The WADA appeal gets to the end game quickly without other local re-assessments by AFL tribunals or court actions.

But at Essendon, do we have anyone that can clearly demonstrate a handle on the situation? With the option for WADA to appeal 'on the table', its extraordinary that an administrator and successful businessman can suggest that he (and club) were 'blindsided' by WADA and the appeal.
Little said the club was given no "heads up" that an appeal was coming.
"It has really taken us all by surprise," he told Triple M on Tuesday morning.
"...we didn't do a lot of work on the what if scenario," he added on SEN radio.
Essendon blindsided by WADA appeal: chairman Paul Little.

Seriously...? In a matter as complex and seasons-consuming as we have had, you really thought it was game over when the WADA option was still exercisable?
I shakes my head in disbelief.

And I wonder if you should really remain in charge.
Spin for the media and positioning to make club members and supporters feel more aggrieved... yep, I buy that.
Laughable if you consider it good business practice and sound management vision.

Leading the playing stocks is another key player who appears to have mis-read or misunderstands the AFL Tribunal verdict, citing that the players have
"...been proven innocent once and they will be proven innocent again."
Which is not really exactly the outcome of the AFL Tribunal. More the outcome was that there was no clear link to prove or disprove anything was taken.

In a case that has dragged on and on...
...mired in he-said-she-said discussions, convenient leaks, counter-claims and shifting positions...
...where the football fan hoi-poloi have been left to work out the story from both sides...
...where the truth has been the first victim in the battle...

...what we have seen today is further obfuscation and half truths, from a club that once espoused 'wanting the truth to come out' then making legal efforts to cease the investigation into the truth being revealed.

This shameful saga continues.
And now its not being played out in the comfortable surrounds of provincial Australia, with its aligned parties and cheer leaders. Its an 'away game' now, and none of the interested parties have any idea what they have coming.

ASIDE: Any journos who bought the line that it was a bombshell sprung on football in the middle of the night (or words to that effect... and hello journo MT from the AFL ... I heard you mention that!)... needs to be sacked.
CAS sits in Geneva, where there daytime is our night. How insular can you get to expect everything to be on Australian Eastern Time?

And speaking of ANY CHANCE...
Is there any chance of some team performance consistency this year?

Another wild week on the tip sees only a five from nine return.
North Melbourneby7ptsNorth Melbourneby35ptsNorth Melbourne+9Richmond-17
W Bulldogs/FFCby28ptsSt Kildaby7ptsW Bulldogs/FFC-13St Kilda+17
Adelaideby19ptsAdelaideby41ptsGold Coast-14Adelaide+7
Carltonby38ptsBrisbane Lionsby9ptsCarlton-35Brisbane Lions+16
Port Adelaideby20ptsWest Coastby10ptsPort Adelaide-11West Coast+25

Its been a horror year for tipsters, so its is kind of nice to get comments like this that remind that its been rough for all tipsters.

On second thought, blog comments from the (in)famous Roby of BigFooty... now there is a good reason to wind up the blog.

...kidding of course.

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