Thursday, 18 June 2015


The AFL are probably feeling right happy with themselves for running three weeks of 6 games... just enough to give mug punters footy to watch, with enough teams on breaks done quickly before reverting to normal.
And it keeps the players happy... they get a break and trips to Bali and the like.

But the reality for the ordinary football fan is that there are now gaps in the weekends footy, made worse by the AFL call to run Thursday night footy in this patch too.
More footy days, less footy.

Yes it will be great to have footy on another night, but it throws the regular weekend schedule and vibe out. As does playing games at every other odd time slot over the weekend. Like Rohan Connolly's article of recent, footy is losing its soul... being slowly eroded away for the TV dollar.

The vibe of footy was about Saturday and Sundays (with the VFA). Then Friday night lights came on.
Adjustments were made.

The soul of footy is truly threadbare when games moves to 3:40pm, or 4:45 on a Sunday night.
Or when the Grand Final is put back an hour or so, just so that it ends in time for some one else's convenience in scheduling... to lead-in to the news.

It does football, its rich history and storied players, and the reason it exists - you the supporter - no justice at all to be bounced around the clock to suit the media buyers.
Its football's soul, sold off, on the cheap.
"To sum up your honour, it's the constitution, it's law, it's the vibe, of the thing"

Thursday night footy - Eject it into the Sun.

PS. The players would be better served by organising themselves a bit better, putting a rocket up their slack 'union' and sorting out their workplace health and safety regulations.
As a priority!
 ...Anyone for horse drugs?

Right, back to the numbers...
RND 12
Richmond16v42West CoastMCGWest Coastby8pts
Carlton-77v-43Port AdelaideMCGPort Adelaideby25pts
GWS33v-15North MelbourneShowNorth Melbourneby6pts
W Bulldogs/FFC-3v11Brisbane LionsDockW Bulldogs/FFCby32pts

A few close ones tipped, and likely to stay that way. But the one that looks to switch is the GWS beating North Melbourne up at the brother of "the toy ground" in Sydney. Again the from indicator highlights this with the 33 to -15 differential.

Nothing else stands out likely as an upset... famous last words.

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