Thursday, 9 July 2015


Football will return to a full 9 game schedule this weekend, and a sense of normal.
But it will never really return to normal. Both Geelong and Adelaide play away and, lets 'assume' will want to pay tribute to Phil Walsh.
So too Port Adelaide and Sydney who played prior to his death.

Then sometime later, Adelaide will play its first post-passing 'home' match, which may see more memorials.

And in between all that, will be the actual non-football remembrances and funeral.

Football wont recover from this loss for a while, perhaps all season.
What is normal, after-all?

More Thursday football, so this weekends game tips:
RND 15
Port Adelaide-25v38CollingwoodAdelPort Adelaideby18pts
W Bulldogs/FFC12v6Gold CoastCazaW Bulldogs/FFCby14pts
North Melbourne-9v8GeelongDockGeelongby1pts
West Coast25v-27AdelaideSubiWest Coastby35pts
GWS-16v49St KildaShowGWSby28pts
Brisbane Lions-9v-8Sydney/SMFCGabbSydney/SMFCby45pts

The positive of letting a system work out your tips for you is that it takes the emoton and feelings from the tip, particular around your club.
The negative is that sometimes having a feel for how teams are really performing means any tipper can be quick to react than a fixed model.

Which is where the form indicator comes in, and where the FootyMaths model needs to look to attune for shorter term form, as a way for reacting quicker.

So if your looking for 'upsets' against the FootyMaths numbers, you need to look at:
     Port (-25) vs Coll (38) 
     Ess (-49) vs  (8) Melb
     GWS (-16) vs StK (49)

Tip with care.

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