Thursday, 23 July 2015


This week is an interesting one, with a few games between contenders for the top 8.
GWS still have a genuine claim, as do Geelong. Fremantle could dent Richmond's hopes, as to the Tigers to the Dockers top four hopes.
The Bulldogs and Collingwood also a key battleground.

There is more comprehensive analysis of this round and the 'influential' games within it over at this 'Matter Of Stats' blog post. Not only is there assessments made of who are likely finalists, but also expectations of ladder positions and the aforementioned assessment of all the remaining games, likely winners and a rank of each match for its ability to influence the finalists.

Its a very interesting study, and with 7 weeks and 63 matches to go, this round has three of the top 10 most influential matches for determining the finalists.

The pressure is on!

RND 17
Adelaide-21v2Gold CoastAdelAdelaideby42pts
Essendon-58v-22Port AdelaideDockPort Adelaideby8pts
Brisbane Lions1v5North MelbourneGabbNorth Melbourneby29pts
W Bulldogs/FFC14v32CollingwoodDockCollingwoodby16pts
Melbourne21v41St KildaMCGMelbourneby1pts
West Coast33v-34Sydney/SMFCSubiWest Coastby24pts

Likely upsets?
After a win last week, Gelong may fall this week. The form indx has GWS ahead, but maybe not enough.
St Kilda also highly likely to win given the form index for them is the strongest of all teams. 

Tip carefully.

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