Thursday, 30 July 2015


Is good to see a lot of people reacting the right way this week. And the light shone is highlighting those divisive and backward people in the broader football community.
We know now who they all are. And you know what weight to apply to their opinion.

More importantly, lets hope the light that shone, that highlighted these bigots, burns brightly and remains that way. Searingly so, such that they are forever marked, branded. Australia's fools who offer up 'opinion' not to enlighten, but to line their own pockets.

For further reading.
Who do we want to be? Footy's fight for its soul.
Francis Leach   [Blog]
Adam Goodes: The facts.
Melissa Leaver [BoundForGloryNews]
Adam Goodes: why his critics' arguments just don't stack up.
Russell Jackson   [Guardian]

and in particular...
I can tell you how Adam Goodes feels. Every Indigenous person has felt it.
Stan Grant   [Guardian]

This weeks tips:
RND 18
Geelong-24v10Brisbane LionsKardGeelongby51pts
Carlton5v8North MelbourneDockNorth Melbourneby35pts
Gold Coast2v26West CoastCarrWest Coastby47pts
Port Adelaide-22v35St KildaAdelPort Adelaideby43pts
Essendon-49v6W Bulldogs/FFCDockW Bulldogs/FFCby6pts

Not a good weekend for close games, with an expected average six goal margin across eight of this weeks round.
With that sort of expected margin, there is little point looking at the form indicator to detect upsets, with the possible exception of St Kilda at Port Adelaide.

Good tipping, folks.

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