Thursday, 20 August 2015


It was always going to be an odd mix.
Network TV broadcaster, paired with an independent radio show host.
Former 'top 40' music DJ talking music with an alternative rock singer/songwriter.
Past footballer and coach discussing the great game with someone who left it in his teens.

But it was a great mix.

D & D Night

No not that sort of D&D, but Dennis Cometti and Dave Graney on stage together with Francis Leach talking football and music (and radio and small town life etc).

It was Presentation Night #5 from the Corner Hotel in Richmond. Another intersection between rock and football that Melbourne does so well, and I'm sure other states can also conjure up (over to you Andy K!).

Dennis talked of his time in footy in WA as a player and coach, his days working in radio as a DJ / host, and then the chance (of a lifetime) to call football and become this generation's golden voice.

Dennis was also asked about some of the great calls he has been a part of, and mentioned a few Grand Finals and the Keiran Perkins gold medal in 1996. Oddly, his didnt mention the 2011 Meredith Gift.

And of course, we all know that Dennis is very witty and able to weave plays on words into his call, as well as work 'jokes' in as well.
But on stage next to Dave, riffing along with one of music's oddest intellectuals... well, it was something else. And it often took all of Francis' efforts to rein them back in.

As for Dave, his life in football began and ended as a young man. A prospect with the East Gambier Football Club in rural SA, and from the 'wrong side of the tracks', he was still good enough to gain representative honours. Picked as part of the Western Border Football League squad of under 17's (?), it would be Dave's footballing high point and end point. That story of the young Dave, threaded through the night, was in itself was worth admission price.
Courtesy 'Presentation Night' facebook page.

As always with Presentation Night events, there was music. But when you involve 'the legendary invisible rock singer cowboy' and give him some space, you can be sure it will be a ride into esoterica. No classic Graney music from the past, no songs that charted. But instead uniquely crafted Graney-esque journeys inside his mind. Songs of SEN talk-back callers mangling the Queens English, and Saturday night with your leg hanging out of the bath tub. 
Pure Dave.

As before, and as per this potted review of Presentation Night #5, take this advice:
If ever a Presentation Night rolls into your town, make sure you get there. Its unique, its novel and its the best damn blend of the social underpinnings of Australia... Rock and Football.

Thanks Mr. Kelly. Long may you reign.

* Disclosure - The FootyMaths Institute paid cold hard cash early to secure tickets for this show, and it was money well spent. The Presentation Night team also offered two freebies on the day to thank us for the twitter promotion done in the weeks leading up to the event. None of the above was influenced whatsoever by that offer, nor would the author ever be swayed by such gratuity.


  1. Looks pretty sad really

    1. To each, their own, anon reader.

      But there were plenty there that were laughing their heads off.