Monday, 21 September 2015


The Swans lost and bow out of football for 2015. Bowing out also is Adam Goodes. The FootyMaths Institute is a staunch supporter of Adam, as documented many times (see 1, 2, 3, 4, 5). After such a long and decorated career, he should have received better treatment than the last two years offered. The past two seasons will hang albatross-like around the AFL's neck for years.

Of course, it never used to be like that for Adam. Try the 2012 AFL Grand Final for example. No boos. Nothing.
Then came a night where a simple act of decrying a racist comment set the racists off on the race to the bottom. Overt or inadvertent racists, blatant or unthinking. The one dividing moment was that cold night in 2013.
Another collection of readings is as per this post, but also important to read is Stan Grant, initially before round 18, and also this week.

With Adam's departure, we also see disappearing from view the last chance for the AFL to right the wrongs, call out racism. A last chance to be a positive force for change  in society. As that window closes, the game can only look out to what has been left behind.

A grubby window pane view of football tainted by those few who first began the derision of a good deed and great of the game. Then through more grime layered on by willing consiglieri's who joined the chorus of boos, drawn like moths to a flame, yet hidden among the stands.

For what it is worth, the AFL has failed football these last two years. And the very worst type of failure as well, where the chance to make positive was shirked. And a veil of recidivism allowed to prosper and grow.

So watch back and see if you can hear any negative actions against Adam Goodes. A time before he highlighted the hidden, suppressed racist undercurrent in Australia.

And if you make any comments such as "But he [did something like staging etc] after this that started it all", then expect this answer.


What is it with this "North Melbourne" and "winning in the finals" thing then?
Why does it happen and will it stop please? Because it is buggering up the FMI tipping return rate.
At the business end of the season, the FMI targets are disappearing from view, as the data slides back down to mediocrity.

From the two played, the tip return was one, and a MAE of over 40... a bad week of tips.
Sydney/SMFCby20ptsNorth Melbourneby26ptsSydney/SMFC-17North Melbourne+16

Over in the table of teams, Sydney's elimination sees them drop points but not position. North pick up the win and a big rise up the chart by 3 spots. Also moving three was Adelaide, but its a 3 place drop after Hawthorn did a number on them. The Hawks of course get a rise up the chart.
2West Coast14330-
5North Melbourne123717+3
7Port Adelaide12210-
10W Bulldogs/FFC11490-
14St Kilda8470-
16Gold Coast8370-
18Brisbane Lions7830-

Next week it's all WA footy all the time.
Get a cold Emu or two ready.

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