Friday, 25 September 2015


Yes its a blog written in Melbourne.
No I dont think footy is a Melbourne-only thing.
Yes I watched 'Sunday Too Far Away' this week (not that it has too strong a link to the below, but...)

The season cant end soon enough. Its full-on silly season now with every player move scrutinized.
"Will it affect this clubs' finals chances?"
"Are they moving to a new club?"
"Who is a good trade for that bloke?"
"Who is going to coach who?"
"How is this club going to be affected by the (success/failure) of this years finals?"

Over it...
Play the damn footy, now.
PFWest Coast8v-2North MelbourneSubiWest Coastby32pts

Haven't picked North all Finals, and not starting now.
And as per the Finals predictions a few weeks back, the reason Fremantle came out with a 1% likelyhood of playing next week is that they have to get past Hawthorn this week... And the numbers say its going to be very hard.

Impressive form figures from your finalists too... all negative bar the Eagles.

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