Thursday, 1 October 2015


If there was a @USAFLGuy on twitter, I would imagine him calling this weekends game as a battle between the 'Hawthorn Football Chickens' and the 'WAFL Competition Eagles'.

Which reminds me of one of the US's culinary gifts to the world... Chicken and Waffles.

And while that advertisement may be a parody (from a John Cusack / Tim Robbins movie), it is a real place. Selling fried chicken, waffles and syrup, and grits and ... all sorts.
True... even US President Obama has heard "Pavlov's Bell" calling him there, with an impromptu visit for some 'take-out' . (PS! don't click on the Pavlov link if your a bit sensitive)

Now to the real stuff... the FMI Grand Final prediction.
GFWest Coast2v-11HawthornMCGHawthornby7pts

Its a bigger margin for Hawthorn than predicted last year, and we all know how that worked out.
Interestingly, there is scope for an Eagles upset. The moderate difference in form (+2 to -11) hints at the West Coast being capable.
The Eagles were more than capable two weeks ago, but as Sydney found out last year, Grand Final football is a different type of football. More vigorous, and if given scope as the Hawks were in 2014, certainly more aggressive, brutal and violent.

As to the FMI tip... 7 points to the Hawks fits well with the MatterOfStats average margin of 9.5 points (and notes on bookies lines therein), and also is in alignment with FootyForecaster and to a lesser extent with the Massey Ratings. And the Max Barry Squiggle is also in general agreement, looking at a 12 point margin to Hawthorn.

So, there is that.

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