Monday, 12 October 2015



Post the 2015 AFL Draft, the newly drafted players have been added to the Google Sheets spreadsheet.

Click the link, apply filters and away you go.

As per last year during Trade Week (2 weeks, 10 days... whatever), its handy to have a list of all past draft picks in the one simple spreadsheet.

This is the updated list from 2014's draft on a Google Sheets page.

If you need to consider just how good a pick is, or where a player was originally drafted, then its all here.

If you know spreadsheets, the simplest thing to do is to:
- click on row 1.
- then click 'Data' at the top of the sheet, then Filter views...'
- then click 'Create new temporary  filter view'.

You now have a series of filtering options per column.

So, to switch on only the item you want (eg pick 5 in a draft), just click on the dropdown arrow next to 'Pick', deselect all and then select '5'.
And the spreadsheet does the rest. All draft pick #5's ever in the one simple list.

Is Carlisle equivalent to any of the below...?
  Jake Stringer
  Matt Buntine
  Jared Polec
  Ben Cunnington
  Michael Hurley
  Jarrad Grant
  Travis Boak
  Scott Pendlebury
  Lance Franklin
  Brock McLean
  Jarrad McVeigh

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