Thursday, 12 May 2016


After a few poor weeks, the only thing heard around the FMI offices is the mantra-like whisperings of...
'have faith in the model...
have faith in the model...
have faith in the model...'
This time last season, the model was firmly on the road to recovering from the worst season tipping start in a decade. Through the fullness of the season it could recover and the year ended with a top 10 Monash finish, as well as bettering or equaling some calculation-based modelers.
Last year the model ended up on par with most targets set before the season.

This year started better and has hit a small hole. But the model results are in a better state than 2015, even if targets a not being met now.

"... Have faith in the model..."

Essendon-43v-2North MelbourneDockNorth Melbourneby47pts
GWS80v-18Gold CoastShowGWSby44pts
Brisbane Lions3v-39CollingwoodGabbCollingwoodby9pts
Carlton14v-13Port AdelaideDockPort Adelaideby21pts
Melbourne45v11W Bulldogs/FFCMCGW Bulldogs/FFCby30pts
West Coast-5v34St KildaSubiWest Coastby60pts

Glaringly obvious possible wrong tips...?

Can the Lions twist the knife further into the flailing Collingwood? (Form indicator says yes).
Will Port Adelaide turn up away from home?
Will the Bulldogs be able to play 'outside' or had the indoors of the theatre affected them too much?
And what of Geelong away to Adelaide.

Consider your verdict.

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