Thursday, 2 June 2016


With Friday night football coming to Hobart, you could be thinking the 'throw a blanket' reference is about keeping warm.
Which it is, if your brave enough to go.

And it also isn't.

In recent posts the comment has been made that West Coast are the current 'best ranked' team by the FMI system by default. And that Hawthorn have lost the top rank by not longer dominating the opposition.
There is no better way to highlight this than to chart it, as below.

The royal blue Eagles line is effectively flat, and gains top ranking as the Hawks tumble down over 100 points.

Its looks a bit messy with 10 teams and 10 lines, but it is worth adding the ten in to
 - highlight that two of last years finalist have fallen dramatically (Fremantle and Richmond ), and
 - highlight the dramatic rise of GWS as well as the re-emergence of Geelong, and
 - show that the current top 8 are all considered very closely ranked at round 10.
Throw a blanket over the Hawks, Eagles, Swans, Crows, Cats, Dogs, Giants and Roos right now.

To this weeks tips. And its a tough one this week

RND 11
North Melbourne-2v-24RichmondBellNorth Melbourneby14pts
Carlton30v-19Brisbane LionsDockCarltonby25pts
Gold Coast-75v10Sydney/SMFCCarrSydney/SMFCby48pts
Collingwood4v15Port AdelaideMCGPort Adelaideby1pts
W Bulldogs/FFC2v1West CoastDockWest Coastby5pts
Adelaide0v27St KildaAdelAdelaideby51pts

Both Port Adelaide and West Coast are tipped to win in Melbourne, and by a sub two goal margin. Consider these games as coin toss outcomes.

The call of the coin has also fallen Geelong's way. The GWS are not playing so well away, but still have a massive positive form line. Geelong as we all know have slipped in thier las two games.
One to watch.

Interstingly, there is a strong preference for a Fremantle win on Saturday night.
And basically its a realistic chance to break the losing run. It seems for Fremantle its this game, or Brisbane in the next round or the Suns (who they have already lost to) in round 18.
They have to get one somewhere, or we could be looking at a '1964 Fitzroy' scenario.


  1. You don't want to throw that blanket over the Crows as well? They look to be ranked 4th.