Wednesday, 29 June 2016


It only took two weeks for the sports radio folk with not much to talk about to be reminded to decry the 3 x 6 game bye weeks.

Prompted by a Scott-brother whine about losing to a team coming off the bye?
Maybe. Also, maybe Scott-brother needs to look internally at his teams man-management.

Prompted by the odd scheduling?
Also a factor. Who ever set the 6 games to be played across 4 days, and the Sunday game moved back to after 3pm, needs a stern talking to.

But wait... don't run away yet!
The tips!
RND 15
West Coast-17v-43EssendonSubiWest Coastby78pts
Port Adelaide11v-17RichmondAdelPort Adelaideby25pts
Gold Coast-18v27St KildaCarrSt Kildaby5pts
Sydney/SMFC4v-5W Bulldogs/FFCSCGSydney/SMFCby24pts

Cant really see any upsets there using the form guide as an indicator.
Except maybe for Carlton.

Interesting for Adelaide as they have the first of two games at the MCG, and they look certain finalists. Time to familiarise themselves, you would think.

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