Thursday, 29 September 2016


The teams have been listed, the ground prepared, tickets bought (if you were more lucky than usual given the supreme balls up by Ticketek).

And the narratives have been written.
The 2016 Grand Final is, by all intent and purpose, about the romance of the Dogs making a final for the first time in 55 years.

No matter what Sydney do, they cant win on Saturday.
If they lose to the Dogs, they lose a real shot at a Premiership.

If the Swans win, they become the team that killed Bambi's mother. The destroyers of the fairytale. The machine that crushed the community club's dreams.

And that is the expectation of the FMI numbers.
GFW Bulldogs/FFC16v23Sydney/SMFCMCGSydney/SMFCby20pts

As much as the data says Sydney, it would be great for footy if they lost.
It gives all teams hope. Belief that the dream can be a reality.
After losing a captain in an off season which triggered the loss of a coach, a club can be reborn.
In the midst of a season wracked by injuries, the right talent can still shine through, endure.
The odd mid-season resignation of the CEO can be but a ripple on a pond, while the talent keeps accumulating results.

For both teams, the dream is there, for themselves and their fans, for other clubs without any premierships, or even with less than a handful.

There is hope. And this is what footy is. Its brings people together with the shared hope that a club's win will lift spirits.
Create heroes.

Good luck to all involved.

Season rankings data, for what it is worth.

Charting the two teams rankings points shows the Swans stepped up a gear just before the finals, where they surged into top of the rankings table contention.

The Western Bulldogs have also had their own surge in the finals, after flattening out and tapering off after an initial burst.


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  2. As a Swans supporter I am happy to report that yes it was awesome to lose considering that we were witnessing history - and as you mentioned, a win to the Buldogs given the last few years gives hopes to underdogs the world over.

    CARN THE SWANNIES still though!