Friday, 27 July 2018


Rugby League people have this thing called State of Origin to detract and distract players, fans, officials an the media away from the NRL's core business... managing an annual club football championship season.

So much so that State of Origin is becoming the reason rugby league exists. Already the social media accounts of the NRL publishing media and the NRL themselves are taking about the 2019 Origin series... while the 2018 NRL Premiership series is reaching its climax.

... #WrongPriorities

Australian Football, reluctantly in some quarters, ridded itself of the Origin distraction years ago. Club management, players and most fans see club footy as the pinnacle of the game. The premiership is all there is in footy, and rightfully so.

So instead of Origin, the AFL community finds its own distractions. Which player could play in the soccer world cup? How many weeks will this player get for hitting another? After three rounds, who is in the All-Australian selection frame? Silly distractions to fill a void.

And then we come to this year, and the last month and even last week in particular. Distractions about the look of the game, the congestion, and a NEED to change the rules. A need... its imperative, it must be done.

It is a distraction that takes away from the season we have now.
Two games separate 4th to 12th, making the last 5 rounds pivotal for 8 games looking for September footy. The top 4 is not set.

Last week we had the Suns begin to drive a dagger into Sydney's finals series, possibly ending it early or at least taking their double chance away. Back that up with a Swans game against the Bombers this week, who still have a top 8 chance. Interesting footy.
This week also is Richmond hosting Collingwood. A sell out between 1st and 3rd. Why is this game being drowned out by the 'Roools mate the roools' chat from HQ?

Brisbane have got their act together, and could also end the Cats' run, as they are also battling to stay in the finals game.
The Crows and the Demons... eight pointer! Season ender for one of them!
North and West Coast with a finals spot and/or top 4 on the line in Hobart's biggest game of footy since Tassie defeated Victoria in 1990.

All those huge games coming this week, plus last weeks footy. All drowned in a week of 'gotta fix the game mate' chat and distraction. A distraction that has also been so poorly handled by the executive.
- Hocking: we wont change anything until October.
- McLachlan: we may change 'dead rubbers' this year.
- Hocking: oh no, we were thinking about that , but nah not till next year.
- McLachlan: oh yeah, this year is still possible.


Celebrate what we have now.

Great games this week. Finals spots up for grabs.

Enough of the #WrongPriorities.

The Wash-Up

Getting seven is on season par, or slightly under. I did hear others say last week was bad for tipping. Can't make a case for that .
Richby43pts19Richby54ptsSt K-4Rich6
Westby46pts82Westby54ptsWest7W Bu-12

Wonderful the Suns could win for the biggest upset of the  year. And Why are Port Adelaide falling in a hole?

AFTER ROUND18ptstable
4West Coast127370
8Port Adelaide1194-18-2
12North Melbourne1095-21-1
13Brisbane Lions976260
14St Kilda943-40
16W Bulldogs/FFC918-12-1
18Gold Coast728260

Richmond extend their lead at the top of the table.

The Week Ahead

Why are we not talking about this weekend?
Just look at what we have here.
GeelongvBrisbane LionsKardGeelby42pts80
GWSvSt KildaSydSGWSby39pts78
Gold CoastvCarltonCarrGoldby9pts57
North MelbournevWest CoastBellWestby18pts36
W Bulldogs/FFCvPort AdelaideBallPortby16pts38

Enjoy your football, even if old heads and management are not.

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