Wednesday, 11 July 2018


Last year this blog looked ahead at the remaining seven games per club and looked at the confidence level of each team in their head to head matches. The below are FMI rankings based with influences from ground, location and form.

In an attempt to make these understandable, bar charts were used, with coloured segments representing the strength of conviction. The darker the green, the more the expectation of a win. The darker the grey, the expectation is stronger for a loss.
Those most lightest shades are where the judgement is unclear but leaning to one side over the other.

Also under each team chart is the current need for each club to make the 8 at a minimum (assuming 13 wins is needed), as well as a short assessment of how attainable the finals are. Again, these assume teams will play to within an expectation level. It does not exclude an upset here or there, which shifts the outcomes, often dramatically.

And with 7 games to go, it looks as though there are 7 teams very likely to play in the September.

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