Friday, 18 January 2019

AFLW 2019 - ROUND 1

Week 1 of the new season is done, and for those interested in the above data, the layout follows on from the presentation used for the AFL men's of 2018, but with two additions.

First is the table 'NEXT 3 T.D.I' which shows the current ranking of each team measured against the next three opponents faced. A strong positive number (Bulldogs and Cats) suggests a hard schedule for the weeks 1 to 3. A negative number suggests easier games. Its a live assessment of the draw, firstly looking ahead and predictive, and post-round it is the schedule toughness as it really was. Revolutionary, right?

The other addition is the 'Rn output' column added to the AFTER ROUND n. This is a calculation on how each team performed during that game and relative to its direct opponents.
Geelong played above their current ranking to defeat an under-performing Collingwood, but both were marginally out.
North on the other hand showed they are well under-ranked with their nominal 1000 start.
The interesting one is the Bulldogs who won even though they were not expected. Their game performance was lower than their actual rank,as the calculations don't consider HGA, which is where Adelaide were granted the tip.

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